This is the place where people start transforming.

More than Trainings, our workshops are designed to create the context for Individuals to connect to their inner strengths in order to find their way forward.

Through powerful tools and living the experience with others, get some insight about who you are and call forth the transformation you are willing to happen for yourself or for your team.

Whether in the workplace or in their Life, the Individuals aspire to live in a meaningful way that makes them fulfilled. This is when they call forth the best of their capabilities in service of their Life, in service of their Company.

Training Methodology

70% of the way we learn is by going through experience.

  • The training methodology behind our guarantee is focused on brain-friendly ‘Action Learning’. This means that our learning methodology is extremely experiential as we believe that, when participants actively participate in the program, the learning is retained.
  • The model of experiential learning that we use is called ELA. Throughout each module, participants have the opportunity to observe the leaders demonstrate the tools, then are given the time to practice the tools and skills that are being taught to them in small groups, prior to the learning being harvested in facilitated debriefed conversations.
  • The co-facilitators are certified coach and trained leaders who can support individuals as well as collective development and growth.
Training for Organisation

Together with the Manager and/or the HR Manager, we define the goals to reach with the Leaders and their Teams.

Those that help designing the workshop that can create the emotional and practical dynamic you feel is needed in your Organisation.

Whether you need to assess what is needed, we can also help you using different tools. Our partners have over 10 years experience in Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, and Coaching for Organisations, through clear methodologies with proven results.

Training Catalogue
  • How to manage yourself – manager others, and better work together

The Human Element™ – Method Will Schutz

  • How to navigate change and still deliver results
  • Leadership : Self & relationship Mastery
  • Creating a Coaching Culture

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