Why Executive and Leadership Coaching ?

The real bottleneck to role modeling change in organizations, is knowing what to change at a personal level, and how to change it, quickly and for sustainable impact.

Leaders working with us don’t always have creative solutions to the new challenges, their complexity and constant change. They are often left on edge, confused and overwhelmed by the pressure of meeting organisational and societal requirements.

Corporate Coaching is the art of supporting leaders in Organizations, to cross their edge and find their new pathways to lead with agility and resilience

Why Leaders choose FOR SEA CHANGE ?

FOR SEA CHANGE means “For A Profound and Notable Transformation”.

FOR SEA CHANGE offers a New unique dynamic Model, with 3 Pillars (PRESENCE, POWER, PEACE) as a result of 23 years of leading transitions and transformation in Organisations.

This unique simple model helps leaders to activate change within, and better role model change in organisations and society, as they:

  • identify what they need to transform within to overcome their personal and professional challenges,
  • access and tap into their inner wisdom and knowledge to create innovative solutions.
  • change gear quickly, with engagement, confidence and resilience.
What are the 3 Pillars ?

The 3 Pillars, PRESENCE, POWER & PEACE are the New Leadership Model.

More than a model, they are solid foundations to support the next stage of human evolution. They help Leaders find their own pathways to :

  • take charge and be composed in any situation, to act vs react,
  • activate their creative power when it matters the most,
  • feel at peace with the impact of their actions.

The 3 Pillars are FOR SEA CHANGE clients’ best navigating friend!

The first step : Flash Consultation

Take the first step to lift your Organisation over their edge and into their next stage of development. Start Now with a Flash Coaching Session to :

  • assess your challenges,
  • define your goals and objectives,
  • identify quick, simple and sustainable ways to reach them.

Whether you need to assess what is needed, we can also help you using a selection of the most effective tools available to restore effective leadership.

Our partners have over 15 years experience in Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, and Coaching for Organisations, through clear methodologies with proven results.

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