If you are a professional in transition
  • preparing for the next meaningful step in your career,
  • on-boarding : taking on a new leadership position,
  • outplacement : looking for your next meaningful job.
And a Change Agent
  • a leader leading change in organizations,
  • an entrepreneur ahead of the curve,
  • a coach inspired by accompanying change agents.


We support your journey

  • to reconnect with your purpose, unique strengths and contribution,
  • to identify the root cause of your stuckness and solutions to overcome your challenges (to “kiss your edges”!)
  • to build your action plan and reach your professional goals.
With a unique methodology
  • to “DO WHO YOU ARE ™
  • to KISS YOUR EDGE for working on Purpose
  • to CREATE your new ways of growing
The 5 Steps of Personal Branding

Milestone 1 – Determine Your Professional Objective

Milestone 2 – Create Your Communication Strategy

Milestone 3 – Set Your Marketing Plan

Milestone 4 – Get Your Message Out

Milestone 5 – Talk With Hiring Managers

Because you might believe only what you see

We also do work with carefully tested and selected assessments to provide you a snapshot of :

  • your vocation
  • your professional profile
  • your personality indicators

Your time is now and you are needed! Jump in, together we go further!

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