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our approach

The Edge Theory

Leading change starts with crossing one’s edge.
Organisational change requires crossing edges from the Old to the New. Each one of us cross their edge in their own time and way. Leaders too! Change happens when the critical mass is reached… That is why SEA CHANGE focuses on helping Leaders identify and cross their own edge (resistance) to leverage their power, encourage others to change and accelerate transition towards the New. Inside, and outside.

The New Model

Leading change requires new levels of confidence and creativity. Awareness is not enough to change habits and behaviors. Models of the Old often dictate identity and behaviors, preventing Leaders to tap into their innate knowledge and wisdom. SEA CHANGE provides Leaders with a unique dynamic model, developed over 20 years of self-exploration and application in organisations. 3 foundational Pillars, Presence, Power & Peace, help leaders to move from their reactive tendencies to their creative power.

The Systemic Approach

Leading change requires a clear Purpose and aligned actions. Thinking and talking about change is not enough. Change needs to be embodied. New Leaders awaken to their purpose, reinvent themselves at all levels, and upgrade their entire decision-making system. SEA CHANGE helps Leaders to align all dimensions of themselves, Mind, Heart, Guts, with Soul Purpose for coherence to achieve tanglible results, with speed, simplicity and sustainability.



An optimized combination of skills and experience in Coaching, Leadership, Self and Organizational Reinvention to help you activate change

Caroline Gasc

Caroline Gasc

Founder View Details
Caroline Gasc

Caroline Gasc


Caroline is an Executive, Leadership and Team Performance Coach, with 20+ years in international corporation, supporting growth and transition of individuals, teams and organization. She brings a rare mix of cross-cultural experience with technical, business and relationship skills to support sustainable transformation.

During her career, she has served at Board level as a CFO, and worked on major strategic operations such as set-up of companies, restructuring, merger & acquisition, helping transition towards new culture, and ensuring retention of key employees. She supported business operations in over 50 countries and collaborated with over 60 different nationalities.

Having transitioned from success in the corporate world to mastering soft skills as a professional coach, she is recognized globally as a mentor to unlock the potential of up and coming leaders, and is regularly called in to multinational companies as an influencer of positive change and a transformational coach and trainer.

She puts self-awareness and the growth it supports at the heart of her coaching and combines it with best practices and behaviors for sustainable transformation.
She help people liberate their potential and support them through their Professional Growth, also as a Career Consultant.

Caroline is strongly connected to the coaching community in Dubai, where she has lived since 2006. She is a passionate kitesurfer and doing pottery in her free time. She is the organizer of the “Speed Coaching Mondays”, the first platform in the Middle-East offering Coaching to the public since 2013 and is also known as the Coaches’ Coach gathering the community monthly for mentoring and self-empowerment support through her special program the “Coaches Bubble”.

Caroline is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach & Leadership Graduate with CTI (Coaches Training Institute). She holds the credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC), which is accredited under the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest and most global governing body of coaching with over 28,000 members.

Areas of Expertise : Assimilation/On-boarding, Change Management, Coaching Culture, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Team Performance, Diversity & Inclusion, Self-Awareness, Career Transition.

Education :
– PCC (Professional Certified Coach), with ICF (International Coach Federation)
– CPCC (Certified Professional Co-active Coach) & Leadership Graduate with CTI (Coaches Training Institute)
– CTPC (Certified Team Performance Coach) with TCI (Team Coaching International)
– LHEP (Licensed Human Element Practitioner) with The Human Element (Will Schutz)
– Ma, Master Degree with SKEMA





Together, we activate change within and around

Develop into a conscious and authentic leader

December 2018

Caroline’s New Model with the 3 Pillars has enabled me to connect my head with my heart, find my passion to truly develop into a conscious and authentic leader, and step into public speaking. It provides practical and effective strategies to navigate life’s hurdles and obstacles effectively and build resilience. The 3 Pillars enable me to pause, reflect and focus on what really matters.

Aisha RawertDirector Organization Capabilities & Performance Management at DU Telecom

A guide rather than a prescriber of ready solutions

April 2019

Inner peace is important for a happy and rewarding life.  It gives clarity in differentiating right and wrong. Caroline was my co-explorer on this and other topics. The 3 Pillars is a guide rather than a prescriber of ready solutions. I could get insights, and look for new openings toward an enjoyable life journey.

E. Murat Tuzcu, MDChief Academic Officer, Professor of Medicine at Cleveland Clinic

Unlock Value For The Organization

May 2018

Working with Caroline and the 3 Pillars was an unexpected journey of self-discovery. I entered the coaching process expecting a very functional output, refocusing my skills around a range of corporate metrics. In reality, I went through a fundamental rebirth. I rediscovered my true purpose in the workplace and the wider world. This simple model helped remind me of the values I stand for and guided me through a process to refocus around them in order to unlock value for the organization.

Matthew HorobinDirector Brand & Engagement at Dubai Airports

Lead High Performing Team

April 2018

Caroline’s New Leadership Model has helped me get established better mechanisms, processes, steps to address performance issues that were limiting factors to achieve better performance. It gave me insights into my behavior, approach and methodology to better perform. It is my goal to develop and lead high performing teams, the 3 Pillars helped me clarify and put in place effective actions to achieve it. This is the legacy that I want to leave.

Shannon HoreVP Supply Chain at Dubai Airports

A Better Leader

March 2017

Caroline helped me become a better leader with an increased focus on what is really important.  By creating an atmosphere of trust and by asking the right questions we uncovered areas of improvement but also defined direction.  This happened to an extent that even other members of the team remarked on the transformation happening. One told me : “We all observed a transformation in you over the past 6-9 months“.”

Marek SzymanekRegional Service Head MEA at Siemens Healthineers

Leading Into The Light

February 2017

Caroline was instrumental in assisting me to move from taking a back seat in my professional career to shifting me into a gear where I focus on projects which merge my passion with my qualifications. She is approachable and skilled at leading you out of the rut and into the light. This is done with compassion and sensitivity, which is important, as for many of us our career is the most valuable asset we own.”  

Sara CarmodyFinancial Law Specialist & Author

A Motivational Coach & Encouraging Mentor

March 2017

I met with Caroline when in career transition. We worked on a thorough assessment of my professional path, from which I gained powerful personal insights. The situational exercises opened to me new perspectives in seeing things and reacting to events. Caroline’s Model gave me the tools to build a positive self-confidence and to expand my comfort zone, that greatly improved my quality of life. We built together trust in our relationship: Caroline’s objectivity, knowledge, professionalism, kindness, dedication, availability, pragmatism… are just few of the long list of qualities that makes her a motivational coach, an encouraging mentor and a valuable advisor.

Marie-Emilie OrardMarketing Manager at Newell Brands

Amazing Coaching Skills

September 2014

Caroline coached me from confusion to clear vision! Her amazing coaching skills and Dynamic Model allowed me to go beyond my comfort zone and to trust the process, to find the answers and strengths within me. She is totally dedicated to show us how resourceful we are…

Nina Hayek Country Manager at Jacadi

Simple tools as life long companion

June 2015

I met Caroline when seeking support at a turning point in my life (change in career, family status, relocation). Caroline has helped me to shine a light on myself, and guided me on the way forward. Caroline managed with the 3 Pillars to support me with techniques that “work” for me (to get out of my mind and into my feelings): I found within myself my deepest desire, main blockages and above all my strengths to overcome them. I feel we have succeeded thanks to our collaborative work, to “peel further layers of the onion”, know myself even deeper

The simple tools I gained are now my life long companions to better see where I go, what is my way forward, and to feel stronger as I move on. Caroline disseminates a joy of living and love for life and for her job, that she shares passionately.

Melanie BugnonTrade Advisor at Business France

Tools to Boost and Guide

July 2015

Caroline really motivates and guides with different exercises, tools to really boost and guide you to your actual goals. She is an angel and knows exactly what she’s doing and how to do it. She makes you realize your faults, issues yourself with the solutions to all your problems.  My life has changed for good. Thanks to Caroline and her amazing sessions, I have reached my goal of meeting my target at work every month (I work on commission only), bought my mum her own apartment and a car for myself. What a year!!

Aureen JobardSenior Portfolio Manager at Allsopp&Allsopp

Giant Strides

October 2015

Thank you for the GIANT STRIDES shared together, putting me on my purposeful path.

Marie LescourretFinancial Adviser seeking job & Mother of 5

The Authentic Self

July 2014

I attended Caroline’s “Kiss Your Edge” workshop as an assistant and witnessed first-hand what an amazing and inspiring workshop it is. Caroline leads with great warmth, enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and full acceptance. The workshop was a beautiful dive into the inner realms of consciousness to locate the treasure that few are able to find in life. That treasure is within us all and Caroline’s thoughtful and real-world approach to accessing it is her gift to unlocking your AUTHENTIC SELF.

Sura Al SammanStrategic Interventionist & Certified Coach

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Speed Coaching Mondays

Created in December 2013

1st center in the Middle East open since December 2013 to the Public to meet with Coaches and experience free Speed Coaching sessions. Now ONLINE! More Information:

The Coaches Bubble

January 2017

A monthly gathering for coaches to go beyond the technique of coaching, using the 3 Pillars (New Model) to access their intuition for impact.

Mastermind Mondays

Created in January 2019

A monthly intimate self-regulated group of leaders coming together to mutually help each other take bold steps for impact and reach new levels of success.

Flash Coaching in Organizations

June 2020

A unique online platform to provide multiple 1:1 flash coaching sessions to Leaders in organizations for immediate support from professional coaches.

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